Paulsen, L. – Lichtenhein, T. 1860

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Paulsen, Louis    2652 (53) 1/
Lichtenhein, Theodor    2476 (57) 0/
Status: casual

Event table notes

Event data
Place: New York
Start date: 1860
End date: 1860
According to the Era of 4 Nov. 1860 (p.13), Paulsen 'during his visit, played a number of games with various New York gentlemen, meeting with uniform success; he won the first game with Lichtenhein.' This does not make it clear whether he played other games against Lichtenhein afterwards.
   [Era], vol. 23, 4 Nov. 1860, page 13

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