Chigorin, M.I. – Polner, S.I. 1890 (1)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Chigorin, Mikhail    2556 (36) 1/
Polner, Sergey    2491 (73) 2/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Saint Petersburg
Start date: 1890
End date: 1890
This comes from an article by P.P. Saburov in Chess Bulletin No.19 (1 Oct. 1913), quoted by Alexander Kengler, and a similar article by P.P. Saburov in the Weiner Schachzeitung of Nov.-Dec. 1911 (p.355). It does not give dates, but appears in Kentler's article after discussion of events of 1888 and before 1891, and in the Weiner Schachzeitung article it appears before mention of Polner's 1891 match with Schiffers, so I am guessing at the year 1890. Polner was given a lead in points so that he only needed 2 points (draws counting) to win the match, while Chigorin needed 5. However, Polner won with the score +2-1 in games played.
   [WSZ], vol. 14, no. 21, Nov. 1911, page 355
   Kentler, Alexander.  [ПО СЕРДЦУ ИДЕТ ПАРОХОД]

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