Dubois, S. – Cesari 1844 (2)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Dubois, Serafino    2428 (76) 392/624 
Cesari    1880 (91) 232/624 
  Dubois, Serafino gave odds of a rook
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Rome, Italy
Start date: Jan. 1844
End date: Sep. 1844
Dubois says that they played for a half a scudo per game from January to September. Of a total of 624 games, Dubois won by a 160 game margin, so 392-232. I don't believe this included the twenty-game match they played first, because those were at a stake of one scudo per game, and he is very specific that his 160 game winning margin in this series amounted to 80 scudi in winnings (though apparently they agreed afterwards that Cesari would pay him only 55 scudi).
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