Dublin and Belfast 1862

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Collins, Robert    1 /
Robinson, W.A.    0 /
Jones, Peter    0 /
O'Farrell, Patrick    1 /
Brown, John (1)    0 /
Neill, James    1 /
Walker, Joseph    1 /
Kennedy, J.B.    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Dublin - Belfast Telegraph Match
Place: Dublin and Belfast
Start date:
End date: 15 Feb. 1862
This was a 6-a-side team match played by telegraph. It was played on two separate days, none of the games being finished on the first occasion. The first date is given in the Jan. 1862 Chess Player's Chronicle (p.4) only as 'last Saturday', which might mean sometime in Dec. 1861 or Jan. 1862. The games Collins-Robinson and Walker-Kennedy were resigned by the two Belfast players before play resumed. The game on board A was between S. Barry of Dublin and A. McLaine of Belfast on the first occasion, but in the absence of McLaine, it was taken over by J.B. Kennedy on the second occasion (and still not finished). This game clearly cannot be rated. Neither can the game on board C between G.F. Barry of Dublin and Cordner of Belfast, which was also unfinished. The unfinished games were to be finished later by correspondence, and therefore cannot be rated here.
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