Dublin and Belfast 1863

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Barry, Samuel    1 /
Kennedy, J.B.    0 /
O'Donovan, J.    1 /
Weir, W.    0 /
Buckley, E.    1 /
McLaine, A.    0 /
Collins, Robert    1 /
Neill, James    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Dublin - Belfast Telegraph Match
Place: Dublin and Belfast
Start date: 29 Jan. 1863
End date: 29 Jan. 1863
This was an 8-a-side team match played initially by telegraph on the evening of 29 Jan. 1863. Only three games had been completed by then, and the rest were to be finished later by correspondence, though Kennedy, who had a lost game against S. Barry, apparently refused to continue later as agreed. I do not rate correspondence games, so I will not include the rest of the games, but I include S.Barry-Kennedy since it was essentially won on the original evening. Actually, many of the other games were adjourned after the telegraph session in positions strongly favourable for Dublin, but I refrain from including them because it is difficult to know what happened afterwards by correspondence, even if we know the result (which was 7.5-0.5 for Dublin). The other pairings were R.F. Hunt - H. Scott (1-0), P. Jones - E.J. Cordner (0.5-0.5), C.C. Carroll - J.G. Glen (1-0) and G.F. Barry - W.A. Robinson (1-0).
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