Nuremberg 1883 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Bauer, Wilhelm    2497 (64) 5 /
Neustadtl, Hermann    2536 (65) 6 /
von Gottschall, Hermann    2499 (53) 4.5 /
l'Hermet, Rudolf    2101 (115) 3.5 /
Beck, Caesar    2203 (83) 2 /
Ornstein, Nikolaus    2000 (141) 3 /
Shook, R.E.    0 /
Dauthendey, C.    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 3rd German Chess Federation Congress - Hauptturnier A
Place: Nuremberg
Start date: 16 July 1883
End date: 20 July 1883
Gaige and Di Felice give Dauthendey's results as though all games were played. According to Halla at the Karlovarský Šachklub website, Dauthendey withdrew due to illness after playing and losing to Neustadtl, l'Hermet and Ornstein, and his scores were cancelled. Halla also gives the game l'Hermet-Ornstein as a draw, while Gaige and Di Felice give it as a win for l'Hermet. I have accepted Halla's report on Dauthendey's defaulted games, but kept Gaige's and Di Felice's result for l'Hermet-Ornstein. Halla, at the Karlovarský Šachklub website, gives dates of the 3 Hauptturnier sections as July 16-20.
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