Nottingham 1882 (7)

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Marriott, Arthur    2370 (52) 0.5 /
Dickins, J.S.    2029 (73) 0.5 /
  Marriott, Arthur gave odds of a knight

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Nottingham Mechanics' Institute First Class - Knight Class Match
Place: Nottingham
Start date: 8 Dec. 1882
End date: 8 Dec. 1882
Zavatarelli gives (pp.107-108) a game by A.T. Marriott given Knight odds to J. Dickins dated 8 Dec. 1882, citing the Nottingham Daily Express of 10 Dec. 1882, which said that the Match was played 'on Friday last' (8 Dec.), and that the First Class players, giving Knight odds, had won. Curiously, though, Zavatarelli does not list this in his table of team matches at the end of his biography of A.T. Marriott, but does give a similar event on 3 Nov. 1882, in which the 1st team also won and A.T. Marriott drew with J. Dickins. The latter is fully documented in the Chess Player's Chronicle. Either this is a confusion of dates, and the game given by Zavatarelli should have been dated 3 Nov. instead of 8 Dec. (but then why the report in the 10 Dec. 1882 Nottingham Daily Express?), or else there were two similar events, with the same result between the same players on first board (but then why did Zavataerelli not include the second in his table of team matches?). I assume the latter. Zavatarelli gives only the result of the game Marriott-Dickins.
   Zavatarelli, Gloomy Fate of Arthur Towle Marriott, page 107

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