Edinburgh 1874

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Fraser, James    2203 (69) 13.5 / 15 
Robertson, James    2003 (67) 9 / 15 
Macfie, John    1968 (64) 8 / 15 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Edinburgh Club Tournament
Place: Edinburgh
Start date: June 1874
End date: June 1874
The Field gives scores for only the top three prize-winners, but also lists Meikle, Dr. Smith and Duke, saying the won 'the other three prizes'. The Edinburgh Evening News of 30 Jun. 1874 (p.2) lists only four prize-winners, Dr James Frazer, Colonel J.A. Robertson, John Macfie, and C. Meikle. The three scores given are out of 15, and I am guessing that this was a 6-player triple-round all-play-all tournament. The 1873 event was a triple-round all-play-all, and if the 1874 tournament was a single-round all-play-all with 16 players, the average of the remaining 13 players would be 6.88, which seems unlikely. If a 6-player triple-round all-play-all, the average score of the remaining 3 would be 4.83, which seems much more likely.
   [EEN], no. 343, 30 June 1874, page 2
   [Fld], 18 July 1874

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