Buffalo 1875

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Ensor, Albert    2337 (43) 1 /
Thornton, George    2178 (101) 0 /
Ensor, Albert    2337 (43) 3 /
Richmond, Harry    2224 (83) 2 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Buffalo Tournament
Place: Buffalo
Start date: 1875
End date: July 1875
This was a 20-player tournament, presumably on a knock-out basis, since the Buffalo Globe of 1 Aug. 1875 says that 'In the last drawing the players were Mr. Ensor, Mr. Richmond and Mr. Thorton', which is consistent with the fourth round of a 20-player knockout. The report says that 'Mr. Richmond drew a blank', presumably meaning a bye, so that Ensor and Thornton played first, but then says that Ensor won against both the others. The Buffalo Evening Courier and Republic of 23 Jul. 1875 gives the result of the final between Ensor and Richmond as +3-2 for Ensor. I will use a soft score of 1-0 for Ensor against Thornton, since I don't know how many games were played, nor the exact score.
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Tournament information updated: 19 Aug. 2022