de la Bourdonnais, L.C.M. – McDonnell, A. 1834

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
de la Bourdonnais, Louis    2629 (76) 51.5/85 
McDonnell, Alexander    2549 (77) 33.5/85 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: London, England
Start date: June 1834
End date: Oct. 1834
A combination of 6 matches, played one after the other. Fiske, Feenstra Kuiper, Sunnucks, Di Felice and Hillyer give +44-30=14 for de la Bourdonnais, but Golombek, Hooper and Whyld, Giffen, O'Fee, Sarah, Metzner, and Utterberg's definitive book (p.311) give +45-27=13. Utterberg (p.28) indicates that de la Bourdonnais gave McDonnell a 3-game head start in the 6th match, which would account for the 3 extra wins attributed to McDonnell by some of the sources. Hooper and Whyld give this as the most likely explanation of the discrepancy, but give the alternate possibility that the match was for the first to win 8 games but was cut off early, the last 3 games never being played. Murray discusses these and other variants of the scores given in early sources and favours the interpretation of Utterberg, who also explores the question further in his ChessCafé article. Other variants are given by Reichhelm (+47-25=13) and Diggle (+46-26=13), and La Grande Storia degli Scacchi gives +44-30=14 in one place and +44-28=13 in another. In all cases we have taken the scores as given by Utterberg.
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