Anderssen, K.E.A. – Suhle, C.F.B. 1859 (1)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Anderssen, Adolf    2617 (42) 5/
Suhle, Berthold    2520 (45) 1/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Breslau
Start date: Aug. 1859
End date: Aug. 1859
Renette and Zavatarelli list this as a formal match, one of four sets of games played between these two players in the second week of August 1859. Dubois, in La Rivista degli Scacchi (1859, p.167), gives a total score of the four sets of +27-13 for Anderssen and several draws. Feenstra Kuiper, Di Felice and Spinrad give +27-13=8 for Anderssen for the total of the four sets.
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