Atherley-Jones, Llewellyn


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1889  472  2019 (89) 9

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Atherley-Jones, Llewellyn Archer  
Born: 1851
Died: 15 June 1929
Di Felice gives 'Jones, Atherly' instead of 'Atherley-Jones'. A sketch from the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, reproduced in Harding's biography of Blackburne (p.363) has 'Atherly Jones'.
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Tournament data

London, England 1889 (6)     British Amateur Championship     3  /  9
London, England and Washington 1897     British House of Commons - U.S. House of Representatives Match    
  Atherley-Jones, L.A. - Plowman, T.S.     1 - 0    

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