Vienna 1875 (2)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Meitner, Philipp    2448 (49) 7.5 / 11 
von Feyerfeil, Emil    2479 (67) 6 /
Gelbfuhs, Oscar    2389 (60) 6 / 12 
Fleissig, Maximilian    2402 (50) 3.5 / 10 
Schwarz, Adolf    2423 (48) 1.5 /
Berger, Josef    2375 (67) 2.5 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Vienna Championship
Place: Vienna
Start date: 31 Mar. 1875
End date: May 1875
Di Felice has Johann Nepomuk Berger in this event, but according to the Österreichische Schachzeitung, it was Josef Berger. Each pairing was apparently for the best of three games, a half point in the official scoring going to each player if they were even after 3 games. If one player won the first two games, the third was not played. Di Felice shows many games as actually played that were not according to the report in the Österreichische Schachzeitung, which indicates that: Berger forfeited two games to von Feyerfeil, Fleissig and Schwarz; Schwarz forfeited two games to Gelbfuhs and his second game to Meitner (after Meitner won the first); and von Feyerfeil forfeited his third game to Meitner (after a win each).
   Di Felice, Chess Results, 1747-1900, page 60
   [OSZ], vol. 4, no. 58, July 1875, page 193

Tournament information updated: 22 Jul. 2020