Lisbon 1912

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Pires, António    8.5 / 12 
da Costa, João    7 / 12 
Ramel, Alfredo    6.5 / 12 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Portuguese Championship
Place: Lisbon
Start date: 1912
End date: Dec. 1912
This report from La Nación of 24 Dec. 1912 says that it was the first Portuguese Championship but other sources date the first championship to 1911. The copy I have (from Walter Chan) is not clear. The scores are either out of 12 or out of 10, though it looks more like a 12 to me. There are several possibilities as to how many players there were and how many rounds. If a 13-player single-round all-play-all tournament, then the other 10 players must have an average score of 5.6, which seems highly unlikely. If there were 11 players with a single round, then the average of the other 8 players was 4.125, which seems more plausible, but scores are then out of 10. If a double-round tournament with 7 players, then the other 4 players scored an average of 5 points, which is feasible. This is the option I've chosen as slightly more likely than others. There may also have been 6 players and two rounds, in which case the other 3 players had an average score of 2.67, which is also feasible but means scores are out of 10. Another possibility is 5 players and three rounds, where the average score of the remaining 2 players would be 4. Or finally, there may have been 4 players and 4 rounds, where the one remaining player had a score of 2. I will rate this event, assuming a double-round 7 player format, but if the format was different I will have introduced a small amount of error.
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   Castro, Fernando.  [1911-1920]
   [Campeões Campeonato Nacional Individual Absoluto]

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