The Hague 1890 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Loman, Rudolf    2311 (32) 7.5 / 10 
van Foreest, Arnold    2271 (45) 6.5 / 10 
Heemskerk, Jan    2087 (62) 5 / 10 
Malta, Joh.    2032 (62) 5 / 10 
van Rhijn, Arnoldus    1973 (62) 2 /
Messemaker, Christiaan    2052 (66) 2 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 18th Netherland Chess Federation Congress - First Class
Place: The Hague
Start date: 17 Aug. 1890
End date: 22 Aug. 1890
Deutsches Wochenschach of 31 Aug. 1890 (p.294) shows the crosstable at the point where Malta and Heemskerk had only played one of their games, and Malta and van Rhijn had played neither, saying that Malta and Messemaker had withdrawn. The crosstable shows them as forfeits by Malta and Messemaker, but the 30 Nov. 1890 issue (p.405) says that the second game between Malta and Heemskerk had been played and won by Malta. Gaige and Di Felice show Heemskerk-Malta as two wins for Heemskerk, as in the original crosstable in Deutsches Wochenschach but this should be 1-1, since Malta eventually won the second game. Gaige and Di Felice show Messemaker-van Rhijn as two draws, contrary to the crosstable in Deutsches Wochenschach, which shows both as losses for Messemaker. Perhaps Gaige used another source and these two games were eventually played, but he missed the final Malta-Heemskerk game, but there is no mention of this in Deutsches Wochenschach. I will use 1-1 for Malta-Heemskerk, as that seems clearly correct, and I will remove the games Messemaker-van Rhijn, pending further information.
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Tournament information updated: 2 Oct. 2023