Petrov, A.D. – Kopev, A.D. 1809

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Petrov, Alexander    2158 (212) 4.5/
Kopev, Aleksei    2077 (217) 2.5/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Saint Petersburg
Start date: 1809
End date: 1809
Played when Petrov was 15 years old, in 1809. According to Sarah (batgirl), this result may also be found in one or more of Isaak Linder's books, First Russian Chess Master A.D. Petrov (1952), Chess in Russia (1964), First Russian Chess Masters (1979), or Chess in Old Russia (1979). According to Geert Van der Wulp (personal communication), the account in Shakhmatniy Listok of Petrov's visit to Baranov's house is written in such a way that it is not obvious who he played, though a close reading shows that his opponent was Kopev and the result was +4-2=1 for Petrov. Van der Wulp suspects that Wade simply misinterpreted this and thought that Petrov played Baranov, in citing the +4-2 result between them in his book, Soviet Chess. I find this convincing and so do not include a match result with Baranov, only the one with Kopev.
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