Kolisch, I. – Kennedy, H.A. 1861

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Kolisch, Ignatz    2641 (34) 1/1 
Kennedy, Hugh    2315 (91) 0/1 
Status: soft result (plausible score)

Event table notes

Event data
Place: London, England
Start date: Feb. 1861
End date: Feb. 1861
The account in the Chess Player's Chronicle (1861, p.65), written as a discussion between fictional characters, but containing accurate information about actual events all the same, says that Kolisch had played Kennedy on even terms and had won all his games in London so far. I don't know how many games they played, so I record it as a soft result of 1-0 for Kolisch.
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   [CPC], vol. 3, no. 27, Mar. 1861, page 65
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Match information updated: 6 Mar. 2021