Falkbeer, E.K. – Bird, H.E. 1857

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Falkbeer, Ernst    2472 (44) 7.5/14 
Bird, Henry    2460 (51) 6.5/14 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: London, England
Start date: 20 Dec. 1856
End date: Apr. 1857
Sergeant, Sunnucks, Spinrad and Hooper and Whyld give the result as +5-4=4 for Falkbeer, which agrees with the combined result of +6-6=4 for this match and their previous match as given in the Chess Player's Chronicle of Apr. 1859 (p.97). The previous match was +2-1 for Bird. La Grande Storia degli Scacchi gives score of second match as 7-6 for Falkbeer, which is equivalent to the preceding. Feenstra Kuiper, Di Felice, and Zavatarelli give the combined result as +7-7=3; the Illustrated London News (25 Apr. 1857, p.393) gives the combined result as +6-6=5, which agrees with reports on the individual matches in the Era and Bell's Life in London. These last three contemporary reports therefore agree, and must be taken to be correct. Thus, the result of the second match was +5-4=5 for Falkbeer (Era, 19 Apr. 1857, p.14; Bell's Life in London, 26 Apr. 1857, p.8; New York Clipper, 16 May 1857). The result +5-4=5 for Falkbeer is explicitly given by Falkbeer himself in the Sunday Times of 26 Apr. 1857 (supplement, p.4). Sunnucks gives the date of this second match as 1857, as does the Chess Player's Chronicle of Apr. 1859 (p.97). Feenstra Kuiper, Di Felice, Spinrad and La Grande Storia degli Scacchi give the date as 1856. Hooper and Whyld give the date as 1856-1857. The 4 Jan. 1857 issue of the Era (p.13) discusses their first match and makes no mention of a second match. However, the 18 Jan. 1857 issue of Bell's Life in London discusses both matches and says the games are played on Saturdays in a room above the London Club. It gives the score in the second as of 10 Jan. 1857 as +2-0=1 for Falkbeer. The first match started 29 Nov. 1856 and consisted of 3 games. Thus, it seems likely that one game was played each Saturday and that there was no pause between the first and second matches, which would allow 6 games to be played between 29 Nov. 1856 and 10 Jan. 1857. Thus, the second match probably began on 20 Dec. 1856. The final result is given in the 19 Apr. 1857 issue of the Era (p.14), so it probably finished in Apr. 1857.
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Match information updated: 6 Mar. 2021