Fawcett, James


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1865  370  1637 (163) 4

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Fawcett, James  
Steve Mann mentions a 'James Fawcett, architect, of Sheffield' in connection with Joseph Addey Fawcett of Wakefield. The latter was an active chess player, so it seems likely that the former was the 'Mr. Fawcett' who played in the Sheffield Athenaeum Tournament in 1865. Mann also mentions a 'Rev. James Fawcett, vicar of Knaresborough' who assisted in the wedding of the sister of the architect James Fawcett. But Knaresborough is further from Sheffield than even Wakefield, so this does not seem a likely candidate.
   [Era], vol. 25, 7 June 1863, page 14
   Mann, Steve.  [Yorkshire Chess History - 1865: Sheffield Athenaeum Club Tournament]
   Mann, Steve.  [Yorkshire Chess History - Joseph Addey Fawcett]

Tournament data

Sheffield 1865     Sheffield Athenaeum Club Tournament    
  Fawcett, J. (1) - Edwards, W. (1)     2 - 1          Fawcett, J. (1) gave odds of pawn and move
  Fawcett, J. (1) - Hutchinson (1)     0 - 1          Fawcett, J. (1) gave odds of pawn and move

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