Paris 1821

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games    Class 
Deschapelles, Alexandre    2636 (99) 12 / 27 
de la Bourdonnais, Louis    2631 (100) 28 / 35 
Cochrane, John    2328 (100) 2 / 22 
  Odds for class difference of 1: pawn and two moves

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 'Pools'
Place: Paris
Start date: Apr. 1821
End date: Apr. 1821
Only partial results available. This was a 'tournament' in the sense that it consisted of rounds, called 'pools' involving all 3 players. Hooper and Whyld give the score for de Labourdonnais over Deschapelles as 6-1 on p.47, but on pp.88 and 243, they give 7-0; Metzner and Sarah both give 7-0; Utterberg gives 6-1. Metzner says Deschapelles beat Cochrane by an unknown score; Hooper & Whyld, Utterberg, Spinrad and Sarah all give 6-1 for Deschapelles. Metzner says de Labourdonnais beat Cochrane 6-1; Hooper & Whyld, Utterberg, Spinrad and Sarah say 7-0. However, reports in the Chess Player's Chronicle and Le Palamède indicate that there were 21 all-play-all rounds, de Labourdonnais winning 14 rounds, Cochrane 1 and Deschapelles 6. Thus, the known game results for each pairing are: Deschapelles-de Labourdonnais, 6-14; Deschapelles-Cochrane, 6-1; and de Labourdonnais-Cochrane, 14-1 (see Edwards at ChessCafé). The results of the other games (in each round, games between the 2 players who did not win the round) are not known. The source of the erroneous results in other sources may have been P.W. Sergeant's book A Century of British Chess, in which it is suggested that the results Labourdonnais 14, Deschapelles 6, Cochrane 1 can be used to deduce the results of 'the individual matches', mistaking the nature of the 'pools'.
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