Llandudno 1897 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Bellingham, George    2450 (38) 8 /
Burn, Amos    2569 (34) 7.5 /
Sherrard, Charles    2390 (43) 6 /
Gunston, William    2358 (37) 5 /
Macdonald, Edmund    2278 (51) 5 /
Jones-Bateman, Ernest    2321 (55) 4 /
Jones, Edward O.    2297 (37) 4.5 /
Owen, John    2264 (45) 3 /
Skipworth, Arthur    2108 (57) 2 /
Rutherford, Arthur    1928 (72) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 7th Craigside Tournament
Place: Llandudno
Start date: 4 Jan. 1897
End date: 11 Jan. 1897
Gaige gives a score of '0?' for both players in the game Owen-Jones and indicates that Jones beat Skipworth; Di Felice indicates that Jones beat Owen but that Skipworth beat Jones. Thus, Gaige and Di Felice give the same total score for Jones but Gaige gives Skipworth 1, while Di Felice gives Skipworth 2. La Grande Storia degli Scacchi and Feenstra Kuiper both give only total scores, consistent with Gaige. Feenstra Kuiper, however, mentions that a 10th player, Rutherford, played but withdrew, not mentioned by Gaige or Di Felice. Forster gives a table including Rutherford, who lost all his games, and indicating that Jones beat both Owen and Skipworth. Forster cites two sources, one saying that Rutherford 'retired early in the contest' and one saying that 'only three games were scored by default against him'. The Pall Mall Gazette of 12 Jan. 1897 has the crosstable given by Forster. I have adopted Forster's table and counted all Rutherford's games as losses, as we don't know which were not played. Di Felice calls this the 7th Craigside Tournament; Forster calls it the 6th but says (p.503) that six had already been held before this one. Di Felice gives end date 10 Jan. 1897; Forster gives 11 Jan. 1897. Forster calls this the 6th Craigside Tournament on p.504, but on p.503, he says that 6 congresses in this series had already been held over the last 5 years. Di Felice calls it the 7th Craigside Tournament.
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Tournament information updated: 6 Mar. 2021