Popert, Wilhelm


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1841  2551 (69) 25
1842  2534 (74) 12

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Popert, Wilhelm Meyer  
   Also known as: William M. Popert
Born: 1796
Died: 1846
Sarah, and Hooper and Whyld, give a tentative death date of 1844 (though possibly later). Gaige gives date of death only as '1840s'. His name is given as 'Popper' once by de Saint-Amant (Le Palamède, 1836, p.187). Sergeant, Gaige, Utterberg and Hooper and Whyld all give his name as 'H.W. Popert', the initials being taken from the subscription list to William Greenwood Walker's book on the de la Bourdonnais - McDonnell match. John Townsend in his Notes on the Life of Howard Staunton (p.44), and Historical Notes on Some Chess Players (p.8) makes a concrete identification of this player from the records of the London Chess Club as a 'William M. Popert' and mentions the possibility that the initial 'H.' in Walker's book simply meant 'Herr'. The 1841 census lists this Popert as 'a foreign-born 44-year-old merchant living in Fenchurch Street, in the parish of St. Dionis Backchurch, London' (Notes on the Life of Howard Staunton, p.44). This would suggest a birth year of either 1796 or 1797. Thomas Niessen has found an announcement dated 20 Dec. 1846 of the death of a Wilhelm Meyer Popert in Hamburg. This seems likely to be the chess-playing William M. Popert. Niessen also found records from Hamburg for a Wolf(f) Meyer Popert who was born 19 Mar. 1795 and died 3 Sep. 1846, who he identifies as the same person, though this identification seems less certain.
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Match data  (f=formal; c=casual; s=soft)

Staunton, H. - Popert, W.M. 1841         (f)     13   -   12
Horwitz, B. - Popert, W.M. 1842         (f)     6   -   6

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