Birmingham 1877 (1)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Jenkin, John    2334 (49) 8 / 10 
Wayte, William    2369 (39) 7 /
Thorold, Edmund    2375 (42) 7 / 10 
Yarranton, Thomas    2134 (61) 5.5 / 10 
Halford, John    2129 (57) 5 / 10 
Pierpoint, Edward    2143 (64) 4.5 / 11 
Coker, John    2205 (44) 5.5 / 11 
Minchin, Charles    2117 (52) 4.5 / 10 
Martin, William    2050 (46) 3.5 / 11 
Fisher, Bernard    2223 (46) 2 /
Skipworth, Arthur    2228 (44) 3 /
Ranken, Charles    2207 (46) 2.5 /
Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Jenkin, John    2334 (49) 1 /
Wayte, William    2369 (39) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Counties Chess Association - 1st Class
Place: Birmingham
Start date: 30 July 1877
End date: 4 Aug. 1877
The report in the British Chess Magazine gives only total scores, not a crosstable. The scores certainly contain at least one error as the total number of losses comes to 1 less than the total number of wins. Also, although it is stated that Ranken's and Skipworth's scores were cancelled out because they did not play all their games, the scores indicate that at least one other game was not played. If the mismatch between total losses and wins is accounted for by a single player having had one more loss than was reported, then the number of additional missing games, besides those that Ranken and Skipworth did not play must be exactly 1. Although there are a number of possible interpretations of what happened, these possibilities are somewhat constrained by other information given, namely that the cancellation of Skipworth's games caused Thorold and Jenkin to lose a point, but Wayte's score did not go down. Thorold and Jenkin played 10 of their 11 games, Wayte played 9, so none of the 3 played Ranken, but Thorold and Jenkin played and beat Skipworth. Also, Yarranton, Halford and Pierpoint tied for 4th (after the cancellation of Skipworth's and Ranken's games) which gives some information about how many points these players scored against Ranken and Skipworth, as well as how many Coker scored, since he must have had 2 points subtracted in order not to be in the running for 4th prize. I have adopted one consistent interpretation, assuming that Halford had one more loss than was reported, that Fisher and Minchin, being out of the prize running, did not play their game, and that Ranken never played Jenkin, Thorold, Wayte or Yarranton, and Skipworth never played Wayte, Fisher or Halford. The report says the event was held in the week beginning 30 July 1877, a Monday, which I take to be the starting date, confirmed by the report in the 4 Aug. 1877 issue of Land and Water (p.97). The end date of 4 Aug. 1877 is given by the report in the 11 Aug. 1877 issue of Land and Water (p.120).
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