de Souza Mendes, Joao


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1922  416  2078 (79) 17

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: de Souza Mendes, Joao  
Born: 23 July 1892
Died: July 1969
Gaige's Chess Tournament Crosstables has 'J.J. de Souza Mendes', ' J.J. de Souza Médez', and 'J. Souza Mendez' in different places, but Chess Personalia has 'de Souza Mendes, João'; Di Felice has 'de Souza Mendes, Joao'.
   Di Felice, Chess Results, 1921-1930, page 321
   Gaige, Chess Personalia, page 91, 400
   Thulin, Name index to CTC, page 255

Tournament data

Montevideo 1922     1st South American Championship     6.5  /  17

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